Autumn 2010 Pork

Here at Grace Note Farm, we believe that animals deserve to have a happy life, even if they are destined for your freezer at the end of that happy life. Unlike commercially raised pigs that are raised indoors in tight confinement, the pigs we raise at Grace Note Farm roam in large fenced pastures and get rotated onto fresh ground every few weeks. They eat, nap, romp, play, and socialize as their natures direct them, outdoors in the fresh air when they want, or lying about indoors on a pile of hay if they prefer that. They also eat a varied diet of plants and animals as they forage on the land (pigs are omnivores), supplemented with free-choice organic grain. This is good for the animals and good for our land as well.

We are currently taking orders for 1/2 or whole pigs. 1/2 pigs are $6.50/lb hanging weight*, and whole pigs are $6.00/lb hanging weight. There is an excellent and detailed writeup on the Sugar Mountain Farm website that shows how much meat is in a half a pig . The meat will be frozen and available for pickup on the farm in late October, 2010. We can also get the ham, shoulder, and bacon smoked for an additional $3.00/lb.

If you’ve been asking yourself “Where can I get organic pastured meat in Massachusetts?”, look no further. Our batch of Tamworth pigs will be available for sale in early Autumn. We raise Tamworths because they are good foragers, which allows them to obtain a portion of their food from the pasture (and therefore raising them creates less dependence on trucked-in grain). We also chose to raise heritage animals like the Tamworth hog because it helps maintain genetic diversity among food animals. Tamworths are also prized by chefs and restaurants because they are mighty tasty. But you don’t have to take my word for it: see this testimonial to the Tamworth on Chow Hound. It is reported on the web that Bristol University carried out taste tests using both commercial and rare breed pigs in a scientifically controlled experiment, and the Tamworth was judged as having the best tasting meat.

If you would like to reserve a 1/2 or whole pig, please email or call us to make payment arrangements. We will require a $250 deposit to hold your order, which you can pay via check, cash, or payPal. Order soon, as we expect to sell out.

If you’d like to sample the product before making such a large commitment (and who could blame ya’), some individual cuts from the previous batch are still available.

*Hanging weight is the slaughter weight of the pig ‘on the hook’, before it is butchered into individual cuts. Expect to loose 10 – 20 lbs of weight per half pig between the hanging weight and finished cuts. GNF2009Summary21

Organic pastured chicken pre-order

We are raising Kosher King broilers this summer. Kosher Kings are a robust cross that does well on pasture, without growing quite as fast as the commercial crosses (which have a variety of health problems due to their fast growth). We raise chickens on pasture in movable pens, allowing them to get a healthy balanced diet of fresh greens and bugs, supplemented by certified organic grain grown right next door in New York State. Our chickens are processed at a USDA-inspected facility in Vermont.

Birds will weigh somewhere in the 5 – 6 lb range, and the first batch will be available in September. You can pick up refrigerated birds within one or two days of slaughter, otherwise birds will be frozen and ready for you to pick up at your convenience. We’re working on a delivery option to Boston, so if you’d like to get some birds but don’t think you can make the drive out to the farm for pickup, please contact us or watch this space for more details.

If you’d like to reserve some birds, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button to pay the deposit with Paypal, or alternately you can send a check for your deposit to the farm.

Price: $5.95/lb.

To reserve your chickens, use the button below to pay the $10 deposit via Paypal.