2011 Pastured chicken pre-order

Grace Note Farm chickens are legendary for superb flavor and for excellent, rich stock. Our chickens are raised outdoors on pasture so that they get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, which makes for tasty and healthy chickens. Being outdoors also allows them to eat a healthy balanced diet of fresh greens and bugs, supplemented by certified organic grain grown right next door in New York State. These roasting chickens typically weigh somewhere in the 4 – 5 lb range.

If you’d like to experience the amazing taste of humanely raised, organically fed New England chickens, place your order for chickens for a specific date below. By ordering chickens for a particular date, you’ll be able to take home a fresh, never-frozen bird for your table. Also, by buying at the beginning of the season, you provide us with needed cashflow to cover the expenses of feeding and housing chickens over the summer. You can pick up refrigerated birds within one or two days of slaughter, otherwise birds will be frozen and ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

How much do they cost?

We only sell whole chickens, and encourage customers to use every bit of the bird. The total cost of each chicken varies based on a price of $5.95/lb. The deposit of $10 per bird will reserve chickens for you for a particular date.

How to Order

Hit the ‘add to cart’ button below, then update the quantity of birds in your cart. Then press the ‘checkout with paypal’ button to pay your deposit with Paypal using either your paypal balance, a credit, or debit card. You’ll receive a confirmation of your order, and we’ll reserve the chickens for you. About one week before the birds’ expiration date, we’ll send you an email to arrange pick up of your birds.

If you’d rather send us a check, you can use the alternate ‘submit’ button to let us know that your check is on the way, but your birds will not be reserved until we receive your check. Make checks payable to Grace Note Farm. See our ‘contact us’ page for the address.

Date Order
Reserve chicken(s) for pick up on July 2, 2011
Reserve chicken(s) for pick up on August 11, 2011
Reserve chicken(s) for pick up on Sept 6, 2011

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