Fresh Eggs available at the Petersham Country Store

Heritage breeds make different colors and sizes of eggs.

Heritage breeds make different colored eggs.


Our heritage breed eggs are now available at the Petersham Country Store in downtown Petersham. Our chickens are raised with “beyond Organic” practices (a term coined by farmer legend Joel Salatin) including the best organic grain we can buy, sourced as locally as we can find it. Our standards are higher than the government’s regulated standard and since we primarily sell directly to local buyers who can see our hens’ quality of life for themselves, we have not sought organic certification. Our flock has more outdoor space with constant access to forage plants and bugs, room for socializing, and they are handled with respect. You are welcome to come by to see what we do, just call ahead!  We have been told many times from larger organic farms that our eggs are the best tasting in the region. We’ve pleased the toughest critics, the farm workers. A big shout-out and Thank-you to all our customers for your patronage and enthusiasm for our eggs.



Gardening with mindfulness of the present moment.

Was I in the present moment?

Was I in the present moment?

Hi. I reflect about the gardens in winter. Gardening to me is a great spiritual exercise in mindfulness. It is very easy, in the quiet of my work, to let my mind drift off. I often leave the present moment and think about things I did that hurt someone, or things that others did to me. I think about politics and unsustainable destructive practices, like pollution. I get this negative voice in my head that is useless chatter. Then, I notice something really cool in my surroundings, and I am brought back to the present. I am using gardening and other farm work as a meditative exercise to acknowledge thoughts, then let them go. It is very beautiful when nature gives me little wake up calls throughout my day to bring me back to the present moment. The more I garden and do farm chores, the more mindful of the present moment I have become. That is all I wanted to say.

Rendezvous with a Genius

Kent & Joel
I met another hero of mine this weekend! And he wore a cool wool hat!

I was given the privilege and opportunity to pick up Joel Salatin at the airport. He was speaking at the NOFA Mass Winter conference. In plain English, that would be the Northeast Organic Farming Association Massachusetts Chapter 23rd Annual Winter Conference. The date for the conference was January 16th, 2010. I had also signed up for his all-day seminar there. Joel was kind and generous with his time and energy. He has “good character.” I recorded every lecture, including Joel’s NOFA Keynote speech that day. I asked Joel if I could post his talks on our farm website and he said “You can post all of it, you can sell it, do whatever you want with it.” What kind of person is this who would be so free with his knowledge? Of course, we are not going to sell these gems. We are going to donate our server hard drive space to Spread The Word. Joel Salatin is up there in my mind with any other genius. To meet him and be a recipient of his generosity only uplifts me and inspires me to continue to Aim For The Mark, to Be a Light in the World. To meet Joel was a thrill. I missed approx. 5-10 minutes of his first lecture because my recorder’s batteries died. But there wasn’t a loss of information really because he was talking about his micro-climate on his farm in Virginia.

Here are the audio files. For you non-geeks, I highly suggest you download these files to your own machine so you have your own copies. These lectures can be easily loaded into your mp3 player of choice, or played on your computer. (Right click your mouse on each link to download each mp3 to your hard drive. On Macs ctrl-click each link to download. Or just click on the zip archive and get them all at once).

“Introducing livestock to your farm”

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

“Food From Farms For Families”

OR you can grab all the MP3 files here in a Zipped archive in one shot! <251 MB>

Unzip and behold! A folder with the above mp3 files will be inside. Just know where your browser stored it on your hard drive.

If you don’t know where it was stored, search on your machine for the name:¬†Joel Salatin NOFA Winter 2010

Joel Salatin NOFA Winter 2010

These audio files have been captured, edited and digitally enhanced by Kent Byron at Grace Note Farm. My audio and video expertise is for hire or barter. We need a world where important information is not lost and can be repeated. Contact me if interested in capturing your own precious knowledge.

Check out Joel Salatin’s books. Great stuff! This guy knows how to turn a profit on a farm and do it with grace!

Get acquainted with what’s in your modern food

Hi. I’m Kent Byron. I’ve been a gardener for 20 years, off and on. The more I found out about our commercial food supply, the more I learned about organic gardening so we could raise our own food. I am not simply alarmed; I am also having a great time. If you care to know about the food that’s being eaten by the majority of Americans and most likely you and your children, I suggest the following three books:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Kingsolver is an avid gardener and homesteader with marvelous writing prowess. This book is a fun and easy read with excellent research. A good introduction, this book reveals what you buy at the store and what you get when you go out to dine. This book is also filled with great stories of homesteading and its rewards. I recommend this book to start off, if you are new to the topic.

Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan
This book is more dense but should alert you as to what the Corporate world and Wall Street are doing to your food supply. As I see it, there is far greater threat to our food than pointing the finger at terrorists. The corporate shenanigans are happening right in your area.

Harvest For Hope by Jane Goodall
This is a very detailed critique of our modern food supply, particularly about the unknown potential dangers and unintended consequences of genetically modified food.