Fresh Eggs available at the Petersham Country Store

Heritage breeds make different colors and sizes of eggs.

Heritage breeds make different colored eggs.


Our heritage breed eggs are now available at the Petersham Country Store in downtown Petersham. Our chickens are raised with “beyond Organic” practices (a term coined by farmer legend Joel Salatin) including the best organic grain we can buy, sourced as locally as we can find it. Our standards are higher than the government’s regulated standard and since we primarily sell directly to local buyers who can see our hens’ quality of life for themselves, we have not sought organic certification. Our flock has more outdoor space with constant access to forage plants and bugs, room for socializing, and they are handled with respect. You are welcome to come by to see what we do, just call ahead!  We have been told many times from larger organic farms that our eggs are the best tasting in the region. We’ve pleased the toughest critics, the farm workers. A big shout-out and Thank-you to all our customers for your patronage and enthusiasm for our eggs.