Gardening with mindfulness of the present moment.

Was I in the present moment?

Was I in the present moment?

Hi. I reflect about the gardens in winter. Gardening to me is a great spiritual exercise in mindfulness. It is very easy, in the quiet of my work, to let my mind drift off. I often leave the present moment and think about things I did that hurt someone, or things that others did to me. I think about politics and unsustainable destructive practices, like pollution. I get this negative voice in my head that is useless chatter. Then, I notice something really cool in my surroundings, and I am brought back to the present. I am using gardening and other farm work as a meditative exercise to acknowledge thoughts, then let them go. It is very beautiful when nature gives me little wake up calls throughout my day to bring me back to the present moment. The more I garden and do farm chores, the more mindful of the present moment I have become. That is all I wanted to say.

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