Grace Note Farm is sustainably powered

As a Christmas present to ourselves, Grace Note Farm now gets 100% of our electricity from New England-based hydro and solar installations, thanks to the Greenup option from National grid. I sure hope it’s legitimate and not just greenwashing.

We make every attempt to be very strict with our electricity use, but our usage is probably still a little higher than an average household. The electric fence is necessary or the chickens would get taken by predators, and there are times when more than one freezer is placed into service to store frozen meat while it awaits a buyer. That’s one expense we hope to eliminate over time, as we build up a client base and can sell batches of chickens or pigs as soon as they are available.

Knowing what environmental devastation takes place in order to produce electricity from coal has been a burden on my heart for many years. I’m glad we’ve taken this small step to convert to more environmentally friendly inputs. Maybe some year we’ll have a solar panel of our own.

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