Grace Note Farm wish list

If you have any of these items laying around the house, we can put them to good use any time:

  • clean egg cartons
  • white printer paper, in good enough shape to feed through the printer again, with one side printed on
  • Do you have a large glass or plastic (clear) candy jar, like you would get if you bought a gallon of Twizzlers at BJ’s? (I promise not to tell anyone). I need a couple for point-of-display bins for my homemade chapstick.
  • paper handled grocery sacks (like you get at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s)
  • a large portable cooler that we could use for meat deliveries
  • cat food for barn cats
  • Ball/Kerr/Mason canning jars (certain store-bought salsa and pasta sauces are packaged in reusable mason jars).
  • clean non-rusted wire-bail top jars
  • canvas tarps or used sails.
  • wire fencing: square grid wire mesh is constantly put to use in the barn. Even small pieces are useful. Large pieces of wire fencing that could be put up to keep chickens out of our gardens are also useful. Wire only needs to be in serviceable, but not brand new, condition.
  • plywood, any thickness: If you have a stash of reusable plywood lying around in your garage, call us. We may be able to come pick it up. Large pieces are particularly appreciated.

Larger items, just in case someone has these things laying around and wants to re-home them (hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right)? We would be interested in bartering meat for these items.

  • wine/beer bottle washing dohicky that goes on the kitchen faucet, and a cork-inserter for wine bottles
  • heated honey uncapping knife
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