How much pork is in a pig?

Tamworth pigs December 2009

This page is meant to answer the question: how much pork do I get if I buy a whole/half pig, and how much will it all cost? That depends, of course, on the size of the pig at slaughter time. We try to raise the pigs to around 250 pounds of live weight, although one year the slaughterhouse had some delays which resulted in our pigs being a bit larger. Our largest pig so far was 260lbs pounds of hanging weight, and the smallest was 180lbs. The table below shows the yield we got from those two pigs. If you get a half pig, you would take home 1/2 of the amount shown here (about 2 coolers of meat).

Cut Size on 260 lb pig Size on 180 lb pig
Ham 34 30
Shoulder 20 18
Bacon 29 19
Head 17 13
If kept separate, or they can be ground
13 8
Ground Pork 15 6
Chops 34 17
Loin Roasts 8 7
Butt Roasts 24 16
Ribs 15 11
Fat 20 13
Organs: heart, liver, kidneys 3 2
Tail 1 1

For a visual of the finished cuts, I refer you to Sugar Mountain Farm’s post, with alot of helpful details:

What is ‘hanging weight’

If you buy a whole pig, your cost is determined based on the ‘hanging weight’ of the pig, which is the weight of the pig as recorded by the butcher, after the inedible parts are removed. You loose around 5 -10% from that weight to the total weight of cuts you take home, due to some trimming, bones, etc.

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