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Call or come by to buy our delicious, nutritious farm products. Or come by one of our Boston-area distributions. New in 2015, you can buy our tasty and healthy eggs at the Petersham Country Store!

Eggs from pastured hens

$7/dozen at the farm gate, and we sometimes stock eggs at the Old Depot Farm Stand in Granby, MA, which is open 24/7.
Our small flock of heritage breed hens produces exceptionally tasty and nutritious eggs. We feed only certified organic feed, with no animal by-products, GMO’s, or daily antibiotics. Our current layers are New Hampshire Reds, Speckled Sussex, and Golden Comets.

Pastured, Organic, Heritage Breed Pork

$6.85/lb for 1/2 pig
$6.40/lb whole pig
Total amount due based on pounds of “hanging weight.”
$3/lb additional for smoking/curing (bacon/hams)
$250 deposit required
Currently Sold Out.

Reserve your half or whole pig
We primarily sell whole and half pigs, ready for pickup in October. Individual cuts, if available, will be posted in the Fall.

Unlike commercially raised pigs that live indoors in tight confinement, the pigs we raise at Grace Note Farm roam in large fenced pastures and get rotated onto fresh ground every few weeks. They eat, nap, romp, play, and socialize as their natures direct them, outdoors in the fresh air when they want, or lying about indoors on a pile of hay if they prefer that. They also eat a varied diet of plants and animals as they forage on the land (pigs are omnivores), supplemented with free-choice certified organic grain, grown in New York State. This is good for the animals and good for our land as well.

We raise heritage-breed Tamworth hogs. They are good foragers, which allows them to obtain a portion of their food from the pasture (and therefore raising them creates less dependence on trucked-in grain), and raising heritage breeds helps maintain genetic diversity among food animals. Tamworths are also prized by chefs and restaurants because they are mighty tasty. See this testimonial to the Tamworth on Chow Hound. It is reported on the web that Bristol University carried out taste tests using both commercial and rare breed pigs in a scientifically controlled experiment, and the Tamworth was judged as having the best tasting meat.

Happy Tamworth Pigs at Grace Note Farm

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Organic, Pastured Roasting Chickens

Pre-order your chickens for summer 2011 here
Our chickens are raised on pasture and fed organic, antibiotic-free grain that is grown right over the border in New York. We raise Kosher Kings, a robust cross that does well on pasture, without growing quite as fast as the commercial crosses (which have a variety of health problems caused by their fast growth). Roasting birds weigh around 5.5 lbs.

Organic, Pastured Stew Chickens

$2.75/lb Currently sold out
Stew chickens are retired layers that are smaller (average 2.75 lbs) than broilers. Our stew chickens are pastured hens that are fed only organic, antibiotic-free food, which makes them very tasty. They can be slow-cooked to produce richly flavored, tender meat for soup, enchiladas, casseroles, …

Wood-cultured culinary mushrooms

Fresh (available seasonally): $12/lb for < 4 lbs or $10/lb when purchased in bulk
Dried shiitakes: $26/quart
Dried winecaps: $21/quart
Winecap mushrooms (straphoria) and Shiitakes . Our freshly picked gourmet mushrooms are so delicious and healthy. Have an umami-fest tonight! Or preserve some mushrooms for your winter stocks and sauces.

Pick up / Delivery
Please give us a ring if you would like to stop by the farm for a tour and to pick up your purchase. We are always happy to show folks around the place. Or check out our delivery options for some items. We occasionally host meat-ups in Boston, so if you’d like to make a purchase but can’t get out to the farm, just get in touch and see when the next meat-up is scheduled.

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