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sink strainerDon’t you love it when a handy device that you didn’t even know you needed, comes into your life unexpectedly right before you need it? A friend and I make a habit of cruising the Boston Goodwill store for kitchen gear. It is right down the street from my office, and, for some reason, it frequently has great kitchen gadgets for cheap. So far my haul there has included: a canner (with rack), a 4-tray dehydrator, a popover tray, a case of pint canning jars for $3, and my most recent surprise blessing from the god of trash, this nifty strainer.

When we were there last week my friend pulled this strainer out of a pile and handed it to me, saying, ‘Do you have a sink strainer? I love mine.’. That was enough recommendation for me, so I bought it. I hadn’t even noticed it on the shelf, since it was so inconspicuous. I find that shopping at used-anything stores where everything is in a jumble takes a particular kind of eyes. You have to put an effort into seeing past the garrish, brighly colored tacky things to see the really good stuff hiding quietly in the back. Behind the ‘oh my god it’s a lamp in the shape of a parrot’ there are sometimes graceful, elegant things that don’t catch your eye. Those are the things that will look good in your home, though. Well, that is, if you’re not aiming to redecorate your place to look like Margheritaville.

I packed my strainer home and wondered if it was actually going to turn out to be useful or if it would be yet-another piece of kitchen clutter that would barely get used. I didn’t have to wait long to find out the answer, though, because I arrived home to find berry season in full swing. The strainer was the perfect thing for picking and rinsing with one container, and it holds alot of berries! It is my new favorite piece of kitchen gear. Added bonus: DH loves it to.

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