Organic, Heritage breed turkeys for your holiday table

Organic, Heritage breed turkeys for your holiday table

Update 11/21/09: We have had one cancellation, so there is one fresh Bourbon Red hen for sale. Should come in at about 8-9 lbs. Call or email us if you would like to reserve it.

This year at Grace Note Farm, we are proud to offer you the absolutely magnificent taste of heritage turkeys for your holiday table. We chose to raise heritage breed turkeys rather than commercial Broad-Breasted Whites, to support genetic diversity and because of their superior flavor. Our heritage turkey breeds are listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste , with good reason. They are hands down the best tasting turkey I have ever eaten – and so simple to prepare, no high-tech flavor injection is necessary to make these birds taste fabulous! Mother Earth News conducted a tasting of several varieties of turkeys last year, and the heritage breeds won the day by far. Localharvest has a wonderful write up on all the reasons you should make the switch from commercial to heritage turkeys. Believe me, once you’ve tasted one of these turkeys, you will never go back to factory farmed turkey again.

We are selling Bourbon Reds and Narragansett/Spanish Black crosses. They were hatched right here on the farm, and raised out on pesticide- and herbicide-free pasture, eating their fill of pasture grass and bugs, supplemented by organic grain. Unlike confinement-raised commercial turkeys, our birds have not been given any antibiotics or other medication. Their rich and complex taste is a result of the variety in their diet, and healthy outdoor living.

How to Order

If you would like to order a bird, please place your order soon, as we expect to sell out early. You can either pick up a fresh (unfrozen) turkey right before Thanksgiving ($9.50/lb)*, or purchase a frozen turkey from us at your convenience any day in November ($8.50/lb). These breeds do not grow as large as commercial breeds: expect Toms to weigh around 14 lbs, and hens to weigh around 8 or 9 lbs. No shipping available. Pick up at the farm . Call ahead to reserve your bird and schedule a pickup time.

To place your order, Call:978-724-3127 or email us at:

According to my internet research, there are only a couple of farms selling Organic, Heritage breed turkeys in Massachusetts this year. We are proud to be part of the movement to relocalize the food supply and reintroduce the forgotten flavors of heritage foods. You don’t have to order from or mail-order your turkey on Local Harvest, buy direct from your neighbors right here in Central Massachusetts.

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