Petersham Friday Market

The historic Petersham Common will be hosting a Friday Market from June 3 to October 15, featuring all things Petersham. Food, crafts, treats, services, and other items will be for sale. If you have a local business in Petersham or a local food business in an adjoining town, please sign up to be a vendor at the market. The fee is only $5 for the year. Grace Note Farm’s Farmer D is on the coordinating committee for the market.

To register as a vendor, email your completed vendor sign-up form to You can pay the $5 fee either by mail (see instructions on the form), or with your paypal account or a credit or debit card, using the “Add to cart” button below. The shopping cart will be displayed, with a button to complete payment on Paypal.

Petersham Market Day Vendor Fee $5.00
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