Tool talk: Florian ratchet pruners

We have several dozen fruit trees here at Grace Note Farm. Which is both a blessing and a curse. Fruit trees, not only stone fruits like apples and peaches but also brambles and blueberry bushes, and even our prized hardy kiwi vine, need to be pruned. We have used generic brand pruners and loppers from the big box Home Mart in the past, but they never lasted long and could not take much heavy use, or when you try to cut a branch that is ever-so-slightly too large, the two jaws of the cutting edge are stretched apart from each other and the tool is ruined.

So last winter we decided that we were ready to invest in some well made, heavy duty pruning tools. Being yankees (and environmentalists), we also prefer things that will last and that can be repaired if necessary. Several people recommended Felco pruners, but they are shipped from over seas, and we prefer to source our inputs for the farm locally whenever possible. After much internet research we decided to try Florian brand pruners, and it was a great decision. We use the Mini loppers for large jobs and the smaller handheld pruners for smaller jobs. They were worth every penny. Here’s why:

  • They are heavy, well made tools, made right here in the USA, and they come with a lifetime warranty
  • They are designed with an amazing ratchet-cut action that adds alot of power to your grip. You do not have to apply much force to cut through large branches, because the ratchet amplifies your force.
  • You can get replacement parts for them, or send them down to Connecticut if they need to be repaired
  • They deliver a sharp, clean cut every time.

We definitely recommend Florian pruners if you need professional quality pruning or other cutting tools, at a medium price. Three cheers for great tools!

Floria ratchet Mini Lopper

Floria ratchet Mini Lopper

Florian Mini Lopper
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