About us

ChickenGrace Note Farm is a small, family-owned diversified farm in central Massachusetts. We started farming here in 2007, after many years of suburban backyard gardening and building our homesteading skills. We base our practices on the premise that food production should not degrade the health of humans or wildlife. Modern agricultural practices do both, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

FarmerKB is an enthusiastic farmer, musician, and cook. He finds that many of the same skills that are useful in improvisational music – listening, observing, adapting to the needs of the moment – are also indispensable in organic gardening, where the aim is not so much to bend nature to one’s will, but rather to sense what will work with the natural needs and rhythms of the plants and animals we care for. We work with nature, not against it, a continuous process, and we humbly do not know all that works with nature! We keep learning what that means. Why bother? Well, “Use the Force, Luke!” When we work with nature, we use less chemicals, less fuels and energy. We work less per square foot, but we have to think more.

FarmerDB is a computer scientist, nature lover, do-it-yourselfer and cook. Living in a rural setting allows her to appreciate the wonders of the natural world, listen to the frogs and bask in the moonlight, while contemplating the appropriate use of technology to improve human welfare. Many questions arise and few are answered, but at least, here, it is quiet enough to contemplate them.

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